Brunswick and Bowdoin College
The Complete Biography Workbook
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Self-Editing for the Self-Published Author
The Book Tourist: Seven Steps to a Wildly Successful Book Tour
Shade in the Sunshine State: Reflections on Segregation in Florida
Self-Editing for the Modern Author
Self-Editing for the Successful Student
Self-Editing for Content Writers
Before You Even Open Your Mouth: The Writing Guide for Professional Speakers
Self-Editing for Today's Business Owner

Write AMERICAN! Business Writing in American English-India edition

Write AMERICAN! for the Successful Student-India edition

Write AMERICAN! for Marketing and Sales Professionals-India edition

Coming in 2019:
Comma Common Sense

Beyond SEO: 3000 POWER WORDS for Content Writers

Happy Hyphens

So You Wanna Write a Book!

So You Wanna Speak AMERICAN!

So You Wanna Write AMERICAN!
Shake that Tree! Self-Editing for the Effective Nonprofit
Self-Editing for the Financial Advisor
Self-Editing for Successful Real Estate Professionals
Self-Editing for Pre-Law Students

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I edit and publish fine autobiographies.

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Daughter of Appalachia, Betsy Summers

I Love You Dad, David McCain

A Great Big Adventure on a Good Little Boat, Linda Petrat

Woman of the Way,  Jane V. Blanchard

PreMedicated Murder, Charles Berkoff

Liz Coursen